Welcome to Far More Precious! Happy shopping!
Welcome to Far More Precious! Happy shopping!
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When will my order ship? Processing time for a set is at least 72 hours. Once they are made they will be shipped that day or next business day. 

How long do they last? With proper preparation (see application card in your order) they can last up to 7 days using glue. However, all nail types are different and wear time isn't guaranteed.

How do I size my nails? Using a soft measuring tape, measure the nail from sidewall to sidewall at the widest part of your nail. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, download our sizing ruler PDF on our homepage. Select a size on your order or choose custom and list your sizes in the seller notes at checkout. if you use our sizing ruler, be sure to put that in the notes as well. 

How do I remove them? Fill a bowl with warm, soapy water and place hands in for 10-15 minutes. Once they are softened, use the orange wood stick from the application kit to gently loosen the artificial nail off. DO NOT force the nail off, it could injure you and damage the natural nail. If the nail isn't softened, soak for longer and feel free to add a couple drops of our Cuticle Oil or your choice of essential oil to aid in dissolving the glue/tabs. Once removed, softly buff any remaining sticky reside and wash your hands thoroughly.