Welcome to Far More Precious! Happy shopping!
Welcome to Far More Precious! Happy shopping!
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Press On Instructions for Application: 

  1. Gently push back cuticles with orangewood stick provided.
  2. Lightly buff the nail to remove shine with white buffing block.
  3. Using the lint free wipes provided, wipe the nail with rubbing alcohol (not included).
  4. Find the correct false nail to match each natural nail.
  5. Using the nail glue apply a small amount onto the false nail and apply to the natural, prepped nail. Hold for ten seconds, or until dry. Once it feels secure, move on to the next nail. OR
  6. Using the nail tabs, size each tab needed for the nail bed. Take the nail tab and peel it from the plastic and press onto the corresponding nail bed. Once ready to apply the false nail, peel the plastic off the sticky tab and apply the false nail. Hold for ten seconds.
  7. Enjoy your beautiful mani!